Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Romance Trading Cards...

...I'd never heard of them before, but when I signed up for GayRomLit back in February, several of the authors attending mentioned them and wondered if anyone would be interested in doing them for GayRomLit.  It sounded like fun and I said I'd participate.  Fast forward seven months to a few days ago when I saw a post on one of the GayRomLit email lists about the trading cards and had an Oh Sh*t! moment when I realized I had done absolutely nothing about making any for my books or characters.

But, hey, I'm nothing if not a master of managing to cram at the last minute.  Comes from years (like, um, a lifetime's worth ) of experience at being a world class procrastinator.  Give me a time deadline and some pressure and I somehow manage to work miracles.  

In this case, I did some down and dirty research on Romance Trading Cards, looked at about a jillion of them posted online to see what I liked, then spent a couple of intense days playing with graphics on Paint Shop Pro.  And voila!  I managed to come up with a series of 3 cards for Into the Woods, uploaded them to the printing company, got their okay on my design and specs, and should have the little suckers in my eager hands in a few days!  I was pretty stoked!  I showed the graphics to my teenage sons who are like the gurus of trading cards, having been collecting and playing everything from Pokemon to Magic the Gathering since they were old enough to talk.  They gave their thumbs up to mine.  That's pretty high praise, I think.    

So, I'll be bringing them to New Orleans with me.  Everyone will get one in their registration bag, and then I'll be giving more of them away in various places throughout the weekend.  Therefore, if you want the full set and you feel like trading, haggling, or hunting them down, you should be able to get all three. 

If you do manage to collect all three cards in the Into the Woods series at GayRomLit and you bring them to me to see in your hot little hands, I'll give you a prize!  :) Feel free to pass this along to your friends who might be attending!

And so you know what you'll be looking for, here are the three cards in the series.  The front of each card is the same (the cover for Into the Woods), but each back is different.  One has info on Shaun, one has info on Rannon, and the other has the blurb for the book.

Front of each card
Shaun (card 1/3)
Rannon (card 2/3)
Blurb (card 3/3)
 Okay...so have fun!  :)

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