Monday, September 26, 2011


I know, I's been a while since I posted.  Have I mentioned that I sometimes really suck at keeping up my blog.  LOL!  I try.  I really do!!!  But I'm just sort of one of those sporadic bloggers, though I wish I were better at it.

Still...... Better sporadic than never, I always say.  Hehehe!

So, for those of you attending GayRomLit in New Orleans in October...I will be there!  Yay!!!  I'm really looking forward to it and having a chance to meet readers!  I will be bringing a boatload of promo items/swag with me to give away.  I'll also have copies of some of my paperbacks there for purchase or, if you already have some of my paperbacks and want to bring them and have me sign them, I'd be thrilled to do so!  I will also have bookplate stickers with me that I can sign if you don't want to slog your books with you.  For those of you who only buy ebooks, I won't have any there to sell, but I'll still be happy to sign a bookplate or a postcard (or whatever else you might think of ).  So be sure to say hi!  I'll be hosting one of the vampire/ghost tours (which I'm pretty psyched about!) as well as having an author spotlight and participating in the riverboat booksigning event.  My publisher, Amber Allure, will have a table at GayRomLit, so you can also find me there there when Amber Allure is hosting a spotlight.

I'm assuming everyone at GayRomLit will have on name tags, so feel free to chest gaze to find me or anyone else.  :)  But if you need more than that, I'm on the short side, long blond hair (although I sometimes wear it up), I'm a casual dresser (dresses, heels, and froufrou are sooo not me!), which means I'll probably have on capris, be wearing tennies or flipflops, and generally be casual girl.  I have a nose piercing and several tattoos, which might or might not make me identifiable.  I know a lot of authors have ink and probably some others have piercings, but we're probably not in the super majority, so that should narrow things down for you.  Also, in the pic here I have on my glasses, but usually I wear contacts.  So, yeah, I know, a lot of help, huh?  :)

Please, please stop me and say hi!!  Talk to me about anything.  I'm not shy!

Hope to see you there!!!



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