Monday, July 18, 2011

Blurb for promised! :)

To most, Al Baxter’s life seems charmed—he’s got looks, smarts, friends, and is headed to law school in the fall. But under the surface, things are far from perfect. Al’s mother is pursuing a career in national politics, and when her staff uncovers a potentially devastating secret Al’s been keeping from his family for the past four years, a painful rift forms in the once close-knit Baxter clan. Wanting to do the right thing to support his mother’s career, but conflicted over his growing desire to live his life in the open on his own terms, the last thing Al’s expecting, or needs, is to fall for stubborn and oh-so-serious Elliot Cullimore. Especially since Elliot has a protective fortress the size of Texas built around his heart.

Raised by a struggling single mother, Elliot Cullimore learned early that nothing in life was easy. That truth hit home when, at the age of twelve, a life-threatening illness left him partially deaf, making his teenage years difficult as he learned to cope with his new reality. Now, he works long hours to put himself through college. And he holds no illusions about ever finding love. He knows from painful experience that being a nerdy, hard of hearing guy doesn’t exactly make him a hot commodity. When he meets Al Baxter, however, he’s blindsided by his feelings for the man. The trouble is, Al is exactly the type of guy Elliot swore he’d never be with—rich, entitled, and has always had everything he ever wanted fall at his feet. And worse, Al’s hiding who he really is and pretending to be something he’s not. How can Elliot trust his heart to a man who can’t live his own life with honesty?

But for the first time, Al finally knows what he wants, and he’s willing to fight for Elliot. Even if it means risking everything…

Coming later this month from Amber Allure!



Anonymous said...

I'm a huge ML fan and have been pretty excited when I stumbled upon this book. I had no idea a sequel was coming out and it's driving me crazy that there is now release date yet! lol. I check in everyday and will be purchasing it when it's available! You rock ML! Can't get 'em out fast enough for me to read.

M.L. Rhodes said...

Thanks! You pretty much just made my night. :) I hope you enjoy Al! It should be for sale within hours. Let me know what you think!