Monday, September 21, 2009


Well, summer is officially over. Technically the first day of autumn is tomorrow, September 22, but in the Colorado foothills where I live, it's started early. Or maybe we've just skipped fall and gone straight to winter.

On Saturday, it was warm and summery and I sat out on my deck dressed in shorts and a tee and wrote all day. Sunday it was still sunny and warm.

This morning...I woke up to snow.

And a sore throat. Oh, goody. *g*

Even my little dog looked shocked (bottom left in the picture). expect me to go out there and do what?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Birthdays, gambling, and how fireworks fixed a plot hole...

So, I just got back from vacation. My family and I went to Florida to experience The Mouse, the beach, Sea World, and other assorted activities. It was our last gasp of summer fun because in Florida it's still very much summer in September, but here in Colorado winter has a tendency to start early.

We had a great time! We walked about a zillion miles, which made up for all the food we ate on the free Disney Dining Plan *g*. I was reminded again by the dolphins we saw, as I always am, to make time for play and family and not work too much (a curse of mine!). While I was at the beach one afternoon, an entire scene, complete with dialogue, came to me for my current writing project, Fires of Ballian. And as I watched the fireworks one night over to the top of the castle at Magic Kingdom, one of the resounding booms brought to startling light for me that I had a plot hole in my story that I hadn't even *thought* about before. Yikes! I couldn't believe it had never occurred to me. So my creative mind went to work like a whirling dervish, and by the time the last fireworks sputtered over the sky, I'd already figured out how to fix it. Ah, the magic of Disney. LOL!

On another note, my mom celebrated her 86th birthday a few days ago. She's 86 going on 56. Seriously. She's more active than I am! She takes an exercise class twice a week, bowls on a regular league, has constant lunch dates and meetings with her various organizations, still drives, still travels, still does all her own mowing and house painting and you name it. For her birthday, she decided she wanted to go gamble (she loves playing the slots). We have legalized gambling here in Colorado in a couple of the old gold mining towns in the mountains. So today (Sunday) my family, my two older sisters, and my mom drove up to Cripple Creek, CO. I never, ever win anything, and don't usually get too excited about slots, but I came away with an $80 win (a certain machine called the Frog Princess was very kind to me ;)). Not bad for penny slots, huh? Hey, it paid for lunch and the gas to drive to the mountains, and gave me enough left over to pay my league bowling fees this week. :) One of my sisters won $40 on penny slots. The other lost about $10. My mom, who's usually very lucky and wins, lost about $2. Yeah, we're all really big spending gamblers. Can't you tell? *g* My hubby and boys took off on their own and did a tour of one of the old gold mines. They had a fabulous time. They tell me it was a rickety, tiny elevator that went down 1000 feet underground. I so would never have done that. Small, dark, enclosed spaces and I don't get along. It gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it, although it probably would have been fodder for some new writing material. :)

Friday, September 04, 2009

New cover

I just got the cover for another of my upcoming releases...Point of No Return. I think it's way hot!! What do you think? :)

This is a story that I'll probably write late this year or sometime in 2010. I'm pretty psyched to write it...I've made lots of notes about it and I'm already more than half in love with the heroes. LOL! It's a m/m romantic suspense.