Monday, November 09, 2009


Movie Review

Title: Shelter
Starring: Brad Rowe, Trevor Wright, Tina Holmes
Director: John Markowitz
Rated R
Genre: Contemporary
ML's Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Draegan Lords III, Fires of Ballian

This post was originally published on the Reviews by Jessewave blog on September 30, 2009. :)

When Wave asked me to be a guest blogger today she hinted, nudged, and generally made me promise to talk about Fires of Ballian, the third book in my Draegan Lords series. Since I don't want her to hurt me, I'm going to dutifully do as I'm told. *g*

The Draegan Lords series--which is about dragon shapeshifters and their struggle to win back their land and lives from the power-hungry sorcerer who nearly destroyed their race one-hundred years before--began in March 2007 as a longish novella entitled True of Heart (Click here to read a blurb and excerpt on my website). It was originally written to be part of an AmberPax collection at Amber Allure. All stories for AmberPax collections must be either short stories or novellas and are required not to exceed 40,000 words. Remember in my earlier post when I said it's very difficult to write a complex plot in a novella-length story? True of Heart was a classic example of that. I got the idea for the story and immediately fell in love with the heroes, Gaige and Keiran, and the juicy plot I had planned for them. Honestly, I don't even know what I was thinking when I assumed I could tell the tale in 40,000 words or less. I think my brain took a holiday that day. LOL! When I hit about 35,000 words, I knew I was in big trouble and there was no way in my wildest dreams I was going to be able to do justice to their story in 40K words. I knew I was going to have to write a sequel. So I tried to figure out a good stopping point that would give some resolution for the plot and characters and satisfy readers, but still leave it open to continue the story.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Well, summer is officially over. Technically the first day of autumn is tomorrow, September 22, but in the Colorado foothills where I live, it's started early. Or maybe we've just skipped fall and gone straight to winter.

On Saturday, it was warm and summery and I sat out on my deck dressed in shorts and a tee and wrote all day. Sunday it was still sunny and warm.

This morning...I woke up to snow.

And a sore throat. Oh, goody. *g*

Even my little dog looked shocked (bottom left in the picture). expect me to go out there and do what?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Birthdays, gambling, and how fireworks fixed a plot hole...

So, I just got back from vacation. My family and I went to Florida to experience The Mouse, the beach, Sea World, and other assorted activities. It was our last gasp of summer fun because in Florida it's still very much summer in September, but here in Colorado winter has a tendency to start early.

We had a great time! We walked about a zillion miles, which made up for all the food we ate on the free Disney Dining Plan *g*. I was reminded again by the dolphins we saw, as I always am, to make time for play and family and not work too much (a curse of mine!). While I was at the beach one afternoon, an entire scene, complete with dialogue, came to me for my current writing project, Fires of Ballian. And as I watched the fireworks one night over to the top of the castle at Magic Kingdom, one of the resounding booms brought to startling light for me that I had a plot hole in my story that I hadn't even *thought* about before. Yikes! I couldn't believe it had never occurred to me. So my creative mind went to work like a whirling dervish, and by the time the last fireworks sputtered over the sky, I'd already figured out how to fix it. Ah, the magic of Disney. LOL!

On another note, my mom celebrated her 86th birthday a few days ago. She's 86 going on 56. Seriously. She's more active than I am! She takes an exercise class twice a week, bowls on a regular league, has constant lunch dates and meetings with her various organizations, still drives, still travels, still does all her own mowing and house painting and you name it. For her birthday, she decided she wanted to go gamble (she loves playing the slots). We have legalized gambling here in Colorado in a couple of the old gold mining towns in the mountains. So today (Sunday) my family, my two older sisters, and my mom drove up to Cripple Creek, CO. I never, ever win anything, and don't usually get too excited about slots, but I came away with an $80 win (a certain machine called the Frog Princess was very kind to me ;)). Not bad for penny slots, huh? Hey, it paid for lunch and the gas to drive to the mountains, and gave me enough left over to pay my league bowling fees this week. :) One of my sisters won $40 on penny slots. The other lost about $10. My mom, who's usually very lucky and wins, lost about $2. Yeah, we're all really big spending gamblers. Can't you tell? *g* My hubby and boys took off on their own and did a tour of one of the old gold mines. They had a fabulous time. They tell me it was a rickety, tiny elevator that went down 1000 feet underground. I so would never have done that. Small, dark, enclosed spaces and I don't get along. It gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it, although it probably would have been fodder for some new writing material. :)

Friday, September 04, 2009

New cover

I just got the cover for another of my upcoming releases...Point of No Return. I think it's way hot!! What do you think? :)

This is a story that I'll probably write late this year or sometime in 2010. I'm pretty psyched to write it...I've made lots of notes about it and I'm already more than half in love with the heroes. LOL! It's a m/m romantic suspense.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lords of Kellesborne now at the Kindle store!

I meant to mention this earlier... I've had several readers contact me over the past couple of months asking when Lords of Kellesborne would be available for Kindle. True of Heart has been up at the Kindle store for a while, I know, and many people were waiting for part two. As of this week, Kellesborne is for sale now also. Yay! :)

Here's the direct link: Lords of Kellesborne at Kindle store

It looks like all but my two most recent stories are now for sale at the Kindle store. The only two missing are Satisfaction and Bring the Heat. I suspect they'll be going up sometime over the next month or so. In the meantime, you can always buy the PRC format of those stories (or any of my stories) at Amber Allure to read on your Kindle, if you have one. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can download the Kindle app or an app called Stanza for reading ebooks. Stanza will read virtually any ebook format--it's pretty nifty.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My week so far...

Monday, I spent the day out running errands and didn't get home until 9 p.m. I should have written when I got home, but instead I was tired and useless after minimal sleep the night before, so I watched movies. I'm not proud of my slacking off, but I guess we all have to do it every now and then. I watched 17 Again (is Zac Efron totally adorable, or what?!), I Love You, Man (which was okay...I didn't like it as much as I thought I would), and Across the Universe, which a friend had loaned me. Across the Universe was interesting, different, and I liked it a lot. If you're into Beatles music and musicals, give it a try. Jim Sturgess is too, too cute!

Tuesday, I bowled and my bowling sucked. I bowl on a league every Tuesday. Last week, I had pretty good scores for me (I mean I'm hardly a brilliant bowler, but I don't usually totally suck)...145 and 167. This week...104 and 107. What's up with that?! Must do better next time.

Wednesday, today, I was very productive doing things for my day job. Went to my pottery class this evening and trimmed some bowls, did some glazing, and admired my handiwork on the pieces I completed this session. I Raku fired a pretty cool bowl, and can't wait to see how some of my other bigger bowls I made this time turn out once they're glazed. Tonight I have editing to do, and hopefully some writing before bed! Oh, and I also have to tackle the dreaded treadmill. Or the exercise bike. And it's already midnight. Yeah, and now you know why I'm a night owl. Not enough time in the day to do everything! :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

A quick answer to a question/Another update

I forgot to mention this in my earlier post. I've had some readers ask me if I plan to write a story about Eric, Jesse's friend in Satisfaction who was treated so badly by his long-term lover. The answer is a big yes! When I wrote the end of Satisfaction Eric really tugged at my heart and I knew right then that I needed to write a story for Eric so he could have a happily ever after. The story is tentatively on my agenda for sometime in 2010. :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Writing update

I'm going to try to be better about writing on my blog in the upcoming months. I was overwhelmed there for a while, trying to keep a blog on Blogger, LiveJournal, and MySpace and when I realized I couldn't keep up, I just sort of...well...dropped the ball on all them. Urgh. :-/ So in the interest of keeping in better touch with readers, I'm going to focus my energies here on Blogger, since I find it the easiest to use. You'll notice there are no more multiple links on my website to the various places...just one, solitary blog link. It just makes my life ever so much simpler. And hopefully yours as well!

First and foremost, I want to thank all my readers who've written over the past few months. Your emails are always a joy to receive and read! I've been excruciatingly busy this summer and my online time has been pretty scarce--I apologize for that! I will be catching up on email over the next couple of weeks, however, and will do my very best to respond to everyone who's written me!!

For those of you who've been waiting ever so patiently for the next book in the Draegan Lords series (and you know who you are...I get more email each week about when Fires of Ballian will be out than anything else! *g*), I'm currently writing it. It's coming along nicely and although I don't have a firm release date for it, I suspect it'll be released in the October-November time frame depending on when I get it done. Stay tuned to my website and I'll post a specific date when the book is finished. I realize I left Gaige and Keiran in a bit of limbo, at the end of Lords of Kellesborne, so I know many of you are anxious to find out what happens next. :)

The second most common question I get in reader email is "When will In Too Deep be released?" For those of you who don't know, In Too Deep is the sequel to Out Of My Mind, which was released in November of 2007. I hadn't originally intended for there to be a sequel when I wrote Out Of My Mind, but by the time I finished it, I felt like there was yet more to tell about Nick and Rafferty, my two Maine cops. :) I've had many letters from readers saying the same thing. I actually have part of In Too Deep written, so the plan is that as soon as Fires of Ballian is done, I'll dive back into In Too Deep and finish it. I'm hoping to see it released by the end of this year. As always, though, I can't promise will just depend on when the editorial director at Amber Allure can fit it into the schedule. But that's my tentative plan. So again, stay tuned.

Many readers have asked if I'll be writing more about Robert and Jesse from Passion and Satisfaction. The answer is yes! The third story in that series is called Undivided.

I've also had many people ask when I'm going to write the sequel to Falling. I know it's been listed as coming soon for a long, long time. I do still plan to write it--I already have part of it written, in fact--but I'm not sure yet when it'll be finished and released. I haven't forgotten about it, however!

Right now I don't have any plans to write a sequel to Bring the Heat. I totally love those guys, though, and I know myself well enough to realize I might very well come up with a story for them at some point in the future.

I have a couple of brand new stories with brand new characters in the works for 2010. One is called Point of No Return. It'll be a m/m romantic suspense (one of the heroes is a DEA agent, the other is, I think, going to be a small town sheriff). It'll be set in New Mexico. The other story I'm planning is called Living Without You, which is a m/m reunion/opposites attract story. The heroes had a summer romance when they were in their late teens, then don't see each other for ten years. I'm looking forward to writing both of these stories...I've had the characters in my head for a looong time.

So that's my agenda for the rest of 2009 and into 2010. I'll post more info as I know it, and try to keep you all up to date on my progress with Fires of Ballian and In Too Deep.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

ML :)


Monday, March 09, 2009

iPhone apps?

I'm always on the prowl for new, fun apps for my iPhone, so drop me a comment and let me know what your fave apps are if you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch!

ML :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

New Gay M/M release...Passion!

Hi everyone!

I'm psyched to tell you that I have a new release! This one's called Passion. It came about kind of unexpectedly after I wrote The Elf and Shoemaker. There's a scene in Elf and Shoemaker where a man goes into Logan Shoemaker's store and talks to him. As I was writing that scene, I really liked this secondary character though he only had a small bit of page-time and decided I wanted to write his tell what happened to him after he left Logan's store. So, voila, the story Passion was born. :)

I hope you'll enjoy it and fall in love with Robert and Jesse as much as I did! And, yes, there's going to be a sequel. It's called Satisfaction.

As the owner and CEO of his own company, Robert Bauer has spent the past fifteen years building his business into a multi-million dollar corporation. It’s taken all his time and energy, which hasn’t left much room for a personal life, especially a love life. That’s fine with Robert because he doesn’t believe in the L word anyway. Lately, however, every time he goes to his favorite bar, he can’t keep his eyes and thoughts off Jesse McIntyre, the gorgeous bartender with the soulful blue eyes. Even though Robert’s not looking for a relationship, and tries to shake the attraction, he can’t get the younger man out of his system. There’s just one problem…he believes Jesse’s straight.

Jesse’s been on the run from his old life for the past two and a half years. Even though he slings drinks at a gay bar, he has a hard and fast rule about never hooking up with customers. He’s been down that road before, and though his physical wounds have healed, the emotional ones aren’t so easy to forget. He lets his customers assume he’s straight because it makes it easier to keep his distance. That is until the businessman with the sexy smile starts coming into the bar. Jesse’s drawn to Robert, even though he knows there’s no way a wealthy, powerful man like that would ever be interested in a tattooed, college drop-out bad boy like him. But even if Robert weren’t his opposite, it wouldn’t matter anyway, because Jesse’s determined not to break his rules for anyone.

When fate throws them together, and they find themselves alone for a weekend, the passion that’s silently simmered for months ignites a firestorm that leaves them both shaken. Will it be enough, though, to convince Robert, who’s sworn to never fall in love, that he might be pushing away the best thing that’s ever happened to him? Or to force Jesse to face his fears once and for all and learn to trust his heart?

So there you have it! If you'd like to read an excerpt you can find one on my website here. And you can buy a copy of the story at Amber Allure.

Have a great week!


Monday, January 26, 2009

New Gay M/M release...The Elf and Shoemaker

I have a brand new just came out yesterday! It's a contemporary fantasy called The Elf and Shoemaker. Here's the scoop on it...

Logan Shoemaker is honest, hardworking, and loves what he does. Though he never expects to get rich, up until recently he’s fared well enough to stay comfortable with his quirky metaphysical store, Shoemaker’s Magick Shoppe. But when the economy comes on hard times, his store pays the price. As each month passes, slow sales turn into no sales, and soon Logan’s living off ramen noodles and sleeping in a freezing house during the cold winter nights as he struggles to make ends meet. His personal life isn’t much better—the worse business at the store grows, the more isolated and lonely he becomes. After a string of mishaps that wipe out the last of his small savings, he finally hits rock bottom the day he discovers the disconnection notice from the electric company hanging on his door. That night, desperate and in despair, he makes a plea to the universe, asking for help.

Needless to say, he never anticipates receiving a response so quickly. Not only does he wake up the next morning to find on his kitchen table four little bottles of a special potion labeled “PASSION,” but he keeps remembering the erotically charged dream he’d had during the night. A dream where a tall, gorgeous man with pointed ears comes to his bed and shows him just what kind of magick they can make together.

But was it a dream? All Logan knows is that his customers can’t get enough of the PASSION potion--an aphrodisiac--and he can’t stop thinking about the sweet seduction of the nighttime visitor who made it. As he tries to sort out what’s real and what’s not, he discovers there’s a much bigger world out there than he’d ever believed, and his true heart’s desire might come in a most unexpected form.

If you'd like to read an excerpt, you can check one out on my website or read an excerpt and buy a copy at Amber Allure!

For those of you who've enjoyed my Draegan Lords might be interested to know this book is loosely related. A careful reader will find a few familiar things in this story. ;) (And after you read it, if you want to email me and confirm or ask questions...go for it! *g*) But not to worry for those who haven't read The Draegan Lords series...this book is fully standalone and you'll be able to read it on its own merits.

I think it's quite a good story and one I really loved writing, so I hope readers will love it, too!

Have a great week, everyone!