Thursday, August 14, 2008

Newest release...Under My Skin II

My newest release (well, kinda came out July 6th) is Under My Skin II. Yep, the sequel to Sebastian and Dylan's story Under My Skin. So for those of you who've been wondering what happens next... :)

Sequel to the Amber Allure #1 bestseller...Under My Skin!

Sebastian Keller’s lived with the label “the smart guy” most of his life. He hasn’t always appreciated it, and it certainly hasn’t worked to his advantage in most romantic relationships—for years it seemed he was destined to attract the wrong type. So the last thing he’d wanted this past spring was to fall for the hunky tattoo artist who moved his shop in next door to Sebastian’s thriving bookstore. Dylan Radamacher, owner of Rad Tattoos, was everything Sebastian loathed. Let’s face it…bookish geeks and counterculture bad boys weren’t made to mix. Something Sebastian knew from painful personal experience.

But when Dylan, with his teasing smile, hot, inked body, and come hither voice, set his sights on Sebastian, determined to prove that some bad boys could be very, very good indeed, Sebastian found the man impossible to resist.

For two months now things between them have been sinfully spectacular, so Sebastian hates to rock the boat. But the truth is…in spite of his own commitment issues, he’s fallen in love with the sexy tattooist. Dylan, on the other hand, seems determined to avoid the “L” word at all costs. As their relationship makes a turn toward the serious side, can the guys overcome their fears and take the steps that will bring them the kind of love that lasts a lifetime? Or will their old baggage come back to haunt them and tear them apart for good?

You want a know you do! LOL! If so, you can get it at Amber Allure or at All Romance Ebooks.

And for those of you who prefer paperbacks to will be out later this month in paperback! The paperback version will contain both Under My Skin part 1 and part 2!

I hope everyone's having an awesome summer!



Helen Hardt said...

Hi ML! Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you'll come back soon. It was great meeting you on the way to San Francisco. We're not too far from each other, maybe we can have lunch and chat sometime. In the meantime, I'll see you on the blogs and on myspace. And may I just say, that cover for Under My Skin II -- SMOKIN'!!


M.L. Rhodes said...

It'd be awesome to get together sometime, Helen!

And, yeah...that's one of my fave covers, I must admit. LOL! Thanks!

Helen Hardt said...

Email me the next time you're heading north: I'll do the same if I'm heading south. Maybe we can meet in the middle. Always is next on my stack of books to read. I'm looking forward to it!