Saturday, May 19, 2007

New cover

Check out the cover for my upcoming (late June) M/M release, Never Let Go! Isn't it sexy? I just love it!!

Here's a blurb of the story for you...

Will McLaren and Ethan Gallagher first met in high school. Ethan—sophisticated, cocky, and full of wild daring—was everything bookish and practical Will was not. Yet they’d instantly connected, and an unlikely friendship had been forged that carried them through their teens and well into adulthood.

But they both had secrets they’d each sworn to themselves they’d never share with the other. Secrets they thought would destroy their friendship forever. Then one fateful night Will let his slip, admitting he’d been in love with Ethan for years.

When Ethan disappears, Will’s certain its because of his accidental revelation. As the months pass with no word, he’s convinced he’s lost his best friend and forces himself to move on with his life. But three years later Ethan shows up again, only a shell of the vibrant man Will once knew, and mysteriously evasive about where he’s been. When Ethan makes a confession of his own, can the two men recapture the friendship they’d once shared, and maybe even build something more powerful? Or will the hurts and secrets of the past tear them apart for good?

Have a great weekend!!