Saturday, April 07, 2007

Catching up!

I've been woefully neglectful of my blog for the past couple of months. Ack!! Well, in my defense, I've been crazy busy. Really, I have! This past week is the first week I've had in...well, probably about three months or more, where I've actually had spare time on my hands to goof off! Two back-to-back book deadlines, plus deadlines for my day job pretty much had me burning the midnight oil since early January. Whew! So now I have a bit of a break before the next round of deadlines hit. LOL!

My best bits of news are that my January gay erotic romance release, Falling, continues to be on the gay erotic fiction bestseller list! It's been there for about six weeks now and has held the #1 position several times! Thanks to all the wonderful readers who've been buying it. And extra thanks for those of you who've written me about the book! I'm still catching up on email, so if I haven't responded yet, please don't think it's because I don't care...because I do! I may be late responding, but I will respond! :)

I also had a new gay erotic romance release in March. True of Heart is now available in ebook formats. It's a dragon shapeshifter story with two strong and stubborn heroes...Keiran Hareldson, who's the leader of the shapeshifters, and Gaige Rizik, who's sent by the villain to find Keiran and kill him. :) Here's a quick blurb for you...

A hundred years ago, the high sorcerer of Velensperia attacked and virtually destroyed the shapeshifting draegan race. Now, a group of draegans are fighting back. One man is sent in to identify and kill the draegan commander, but instead finds the shapeshifters, and their captivating leader, are not what he was led to believe. In a world of lies, deceptions, and dark secrets, can two men born to be enemies overcome the deadly odds against them and follow their hearts to a love that lasts a lifetime?

Check out my website for an excerpt and more details!

Next late June I'll have a new gay erotic romance release called Never Let Go. It's a contemporary novella about two men who've been friends since they were teenagers but don't realize until it's almost too late that they've always been in love with one another.

After that I'll be writing the sequel to Falling, which is called Magic. It'll pick up shortly after Falling ended, with further dangerous magic adventures with Christian and Alec. :)

And after that...whew, I'll be writing a sequel to True of Heart called Lords of Kellesborne.

See what I mean...more deadlines looming. LOL! But I love it!

Hope everyone's having a great April so far!


Friday, April 06, 2007

Dogs talking

This is just too, TOO funny! LOL!