Saturday, July 07, 2007


Saw this movie tonight, and OMG!! It was SO good!! I remember the first time I saw the preview for it in the theater a few months ago, it was this edgy, cool-looking sci-fi-ish flick and I was thinking, "This looks awesome! I want to see this, whatever it is!" And then at the end of the preview it said it was Transformers. I cracked up. I was like...Transformers?! The kids' toys?!?! You've got to be joking! So I kind of wrote it off.

But then a while later I saw another preview and it was even better than the first, so I decided kids' toys or not, I was going to see it. Everyone I'd talked to over the past few days who'd seen it said it was great...and it really was! So if you like sci-fi-ish destruction of the world kind of movies (if you liked Independence Day, for example) this is one you're going to want to see! It was surprisingly good...both the human cast and the robotic one.

It gets the ML two thumbs up! :)



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