Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sometimes it's really sad when a book is finished!! :)

I'm so psyched! My newest M/M story has been released from Amber Heat! Falling is now on sale. This one's a full-length novel...and it was so much fun to write. It's one of my all time fave books I've ever written. It totally fell in love with Alec and Christian and I was in such a state of depression for several days after I finished writing it because it just wasn't ready to let them go yet!! I'm sure other authors must have that experience sometimes, too...that feeling of being kind of lost when you finish a story, especially one that you've really gotten into, with characters you love. I've had it happen a couple of times before, but this was one of the worst. I moped around for several days. I was trying to explain it to my hubby. It's kind of like having your best friend move away, except worse. And it's not exactly like grieving when someone you love dies. I finally likened it to that horrible, empty grief that happens after a romantic break-up. Weird, huh? But that's what it's like for me! After a couple of days I decided if I still love the characters that much, I should just write a sequel. So I'm going to! LOL! I feel like I still have plenty of rich material between these two hunks emotionally...and there's certainly plenty of territory I could still explore in the magic world I created! In fact, the sequel's going to be titled Magic! :)

When, you ask, is this sequel going to get written? A very good question. Hehehe! I'm finishing up a M/M story called True of Heart for the March m/m AmberPax, and then I have another book I'd like to finish first. But probably in March I'll start writing Magic!

In the meantime, here's a teaser for Falling...

As the leader of an elite British group that hunts criminals of the magic world, Christian Wetherly comes to the U. S. undercover, posing as a British cop, to investigate a series of murders he suspects have been committed by a dark mage. He never expects, however, to find himself intensely attracted to the American police detective in charge of the case. Christian has long struggled with his hidden desires and hasn’t admitted them to anyone. But Alec Anderson stirs something deep within him that’s difficult to ignore.

Still...even if he could master his fear of coming out, Christian’s dedicated himself to protecting the world from magic terrors. It’s a dangerous life an ordinary human could never understand or accept. And to complicate matters, Alec’s emotionally vulnerable, still grieving the death of his previous lover, a fellow cop killed in the line of duty. So Christian’s determined to keep his true occupation and powers hidden from Alec.

Neither man can deny the powerful chemistry that burns between them, and both realize they’re falling hard for one another, yet with so many secrets and complications, a relationship seems impossible.

When the two men becomes the target of the dark magic, however, and clues about an ancient legacy come to light that indicate Alec may not be exactly what he seems, can they find the strength to tear down all the barriers between them and risk their hearts in order to save each other’s lives?

For an excerpt and/or to buy a copy, click here!

Happy reading!

ML :)

M.L. Rhodes
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Cathie said...

ML, again congrats on FALLING! It happens to me too as a reader, that I get so into the story and the characters that they feel real to me and I end up feeling the ups and downs through the story and its hard to say goodbye! Thats why I always beg for not necessarily a sequel, but writing a story based in the same setting so we can re-visit them with new characters too. But them to have more to their story, to know more of their life together contining is even more better. Really this post from you made me feel better knowing I'm not alone with those feelings!
But Crying with stories... thats for another post, LOL.

M.L. Rhodes said...

I totally hear you as a reader, too, Cathie! I sometimes feel this way when I'm reading--or have just finished reading--a book I love. Kind of lost and empty...knowing that nothing else I might pick up to read just then is going to satisfy me because what I really want is the good one I just finished to continue! :)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!


Mightypog said...

I went searching on Google for the terms "sad author finish writing" because I just finished my first novel and I am seriously in post partum depression. The weird thing is, you popped up, and it's an M/M novel, too. Maybe we fall in love with our characters hard, but damn, I can't tell you how I miss my guys I made.

This is the most frustrating spot. I miss my book badly. All I want to do is go back into my word I made, but it's like I explored all of it and there's no new secret trail to follow or corner to find.I found all the boundaries of my world and it's finite, now, just a matter of exploring the same terrain over and over, now, and that is a hurtful thing.

I need to make a new world but so far I just miss the old one too much. I thought finishing my first novel and packing it off to a publisher, fingers crossed, would be an exciting day but all I feel is bereft.

I can't wait to read Falling. It seems ordained, now! And I can totally relate to your post.