Monday, November 12, 2007

New release!

I just logged into my account and I can't believe it's been THREE months since I posted!!  Ack!  I knew I was behind, but that's just sad.  Sad, sad, sad.  LOL!

Anyway...brand new m/m release this past weekend!  It's called Out Of My Mind, and here's the blurb:

For four years Rafferty Jones and Nick Tucker have worked side-by-side as police detectives in their small Maine town.  But lately, Rafferty’s imagination has been creating fantasies about Nick—more specifically, about Nick and him together—that have shocked Rafferty.  Detailed erotic scenarios a thirty-something, set-in-his-ways straight man shouldn’t be imagining.  He’s been struggling to keep them secret, afraid that if Nick discovers the truth it will end their friendship.  But with each passing day it’s getting harder and harder to pretend Nick is “just” a friend.  And harder and harder for Rafferty to come to terms with the possibility he might not be as straight as he’s always believed. 

Nick’s always known he’s gay and he’s had deep feelings for Rafferty for years.  But after a difficult experience at his former police precinct in Boston, he decided when he moved to Maine to keep his sexual orientation under wraps on the job.  He wants to be acknowledged at work for what he can do, not who he’s doing.  And with Rafferty being straight, there’s always been a clear-cut line that Nick’s known he can’t cross with his unsuspecting partner and best friend.  And yet...for the past few months it’s become difficult to remember that line.  He’s not sure why, he just knows that for the first time in four years his heart and his body are urging him to go for what he really wants...Rafferty. 

When a stormy weekend trip on Rafferty’s boat gives birth to an unexpected night of passion, will it be the spark they need to forge a new and deeper relationship?  Or will Nick’s past and Rafferty’s fear drive a wedge between them that will destroy not only their barely-begun love affair, but their partnership and friendship as well?

It's available now at Amber Allure

I also have a new paperback available that just came out in late October called Always.  It contains my two stories about Will and Ethan...Never Let Go and Hearts & Bones.  Here's the info about it!

Now in paperback, Always combines the first two highly acclaimed volumes in the emotional and explosively erotic man-love story of Will McLaren and Ethan Gallagher.

Never Let Go

For years Will McClaren and Ethan Gallagher hid their deepest desires from one another, each thinking the other was straight, both of them too afraid of shattering their friendship to admit their real feelings. Then, in a vulnerable moment, they discover the truth and give themselves over to an explosive passion that will forever alter their relationship.  But after just one night together, Ethan’s secret life interferes and the two are torn apart for three long years.  When at last Ethan returns, only a shell of the vibrant man Will once knew, and mysteriously evasive about where he’s been, can the two men overcome years of deceptions and tragic truths in order to heal their friendship and perhaps find the kind of love that lasts a lifetime?

And the story continues in...

 Hearts & Bones

Finally a couple in every way, Will and Ethan are savoring the pleasures of being together at last.  But only a few short weeks into domestic bliss, their hard-won peace and contentment is put to the test.  Someone from Ethan’s dark and dangerous past has returned to settle a vindictive score, luring the lovers into a deadly game.  When Will’s caught in the crossfire and his very life is at stake, will Ethan be strong enough to overcome his debilitating fears and face down his old enemy?  Or will this shadow from his past destroy the one man he’s ever loved?

This one's available at

And now, at almost 4 a.m., I'm off to bed!  :)



Sunday, July 22, 2007

New hunks of the

I'm SO behind!!  I missed posting two weeks worth of hunks, so without further ado, here they are!  :)

Hunk of the week July 19th
In honor of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows being released this week...I thought a bit of Dan Radcliffe hunkage was in order.  :)

And from the previous week...

Hunk of the week for July 9th. 

Enjoy, everyone!!



Saturday, July 07, 2007


Saw this movie tonight, and OMG!! It was SO good!! I remember the first time I saw the preview for it in the theater a few months ago, it was this edgy, cool-looking sci-fi-ish flick and I was thinking, "This looks awesome! I want to see this, whatever it is!" And then at the end of the preview it said it was Transformers. I cracked up. I was like...Transformers?! The kids' toys?!?! You've got to be joking! So I kind of wrote it off.

But then a while later I saw another preview and it was even better than the first, so I decided kids' toys or not, I was going to see it. Everyone I'd talked to over the past few days who'd seen it said it was great...and it really was! So if you like sci-fi-ish destruction of the world kind of movies (if you liked Independence Day, for example) this is one you're going to want to see! It was surprisingly good...both the human cast and the robotic one.

It gets the ML two thumbs up! :)



Monday, July 02, 2007

Never Let Go...a bestseller!

My newest m/m erotic romance, Never Let Go, ended up as #1 on the Amber Allure bestseller list for June! Woo hoo! I'm pretty psyched. :)



Friday, June 29, 2007

My newest M/M book video!

Let me know what you think of my newest video... :)



Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Hunk of the Week

I came across this one on my friend Kris Avalon's page.  How fricking sexy is this?!  And, yeah, it's Ricky Martin.  Be sure to clean up the drool from your keyboard. LOL!


Monday, June 25, 2007

New release...Never Let Go!

It's out!! My newest M/M erotic romance, Never Let Go, is now available for sale! :) Here's the scoop...

Will McLaren and Ethan Gallagher first met in high school. Ethan—sophisticated, cocky, and full of wild daring—was everything bookish and quiet Will was not. Yet they’d instantly connected and forged an unlikely friendship that had carried them through their teens and well into adulthood. Even as teenagers, though, they’d always kept secrets from one another...hidden bits about their lives and desires they feared could destroy their friendship.

As adults, the secrets have become heavy burdens to bear, forcing them to keep their distance from one another and make up stories to hide the truth. Then, in an unguarded moment, Will lets his slip. His revelation explodes into a night of unexpected passion that stuns them both.

When Ethan disappears the next morning, Will blames himself, and as the months pass with no word, he’s convinced he’s driven away his best friend. He forces himself to move on with his life and try to forget.

But three years later Ethan shows up again, only a shell of the vibrant man Will once knew, and mysteriously evasive about where he’s been. When Ethan makes a confession of his own, can the two men recapture the friendship they’d once shared, and maybe even build something more powerful? Or will the hurts and deceptions of the past tear them apart for good?

Read an excerpt!
Buy a copy!

Happy reading!



Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Hunk of the Week

In honor of the first day of summer...

It's okay, you can drool.  :)


Saturday, May 19, 2007

New cover

Check out the cover for my upcoming (late June) M/M release, Never Let Go! Isn't it sexy? I just love it!!

Here's a blurb of the story for you...

Will McLaren and Ethan Gallagher first met in high school. Ethan—sophisticated, cocky, and full of wild daring—was everything bookish and practical Will was not. Yet they’d instantly connected, and an unlikely friendship had been forged that carried them through their teens and well into adulthood.

But they both had secrets they’d each sworn to themselves they’d never share with the other. Secrets they thought would destroy their friendship forever. Then one fateful night Will let his slip, admitting he’d been in love with Ethan for years.

When Ethan disappears, Will’s certain its because of his accidental revelation. As the months pass with no word, he’s convinced he’s lost his best friend and forces himself to move on with his life. But three years later Ethan shows up again, only a shell of the vibrant man Will once knew, and mysteriously evasive about where he’s been. When Ethan makes a confession of his own, can the two men recapture the friendship they’d once shared, and maybe even build something more powerful? Or will the hurts and secrets of the past tear them apart for good?

Have a great weekend!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Catching up!

I've been woefully neglectful of my blog for the past couple of months. Ack!! Well, in my defense, I've been crazy busy. Really, I have! This past week is the first week I've had in...well, probably about three months or more, where I've actually had spare time on my hands to goof off! Two back-to-back book deadlines, plus deadlines for my day job pretty much had me burning the midnight oil since early January. Whew! So now I have a bit of a break before the next round of deadlines hit. LOL!

My best bits of news are that my January gay erotic romance release, Falling, continues to be on the gay erotic fiction bestseller list! It's been there for about six weeks now and has held the #1 position several times! Thanks to all the wonderful readers who've been buying it. And extra thanks for those of you who've written me about the book! I'm still catching up on email, so if I haven't responded yet, please don't think it's because I don't care...because I do! I may be late responding, but I will respond! :)

I also had a new gay erotic romance release in March. True of Heart is now available in ebook formats. It's a dragon shapeshifter story with two strong and stubborn heroes...Keiran Hareldson, who's the leader of the shapeshifters, and Gaige Rizik, who's sent by the villain to find Keiran and kill him. :) Here's a quick blurb for you...

A hundred years ago, the high sorcerer of Velensperia attacked and virtually destroyed the shapeshifting draegan race. Now, a group of draegans are fighting back. One man is sent in to identify and kill the draegan commander, but instead finds the shapeshifters, and their captivating leader, are not what he was led to believe. In a world of lies, deceptions, and dark secrets, can two men born to be enemies overcome the deadly odds against them and follow their hearts to a love that lasts a lifetime?

Check out my website for an excerpt and more details!

Next late June I'll have a new gay erotic romance release called Never Let Go. It's a contemporary novella about two men who've been friends since they were teenagers but don't realize until it's almost too late that they've always been in love with one another.

After that I'll be writing the sequel to Falling, which is called Magic. It'll pick up shortly after Falling ended, with further dangerous magic adventures with Christian and Alec. :)

And after that...whew, I'll be writing a sequel to True of Heart called Lords of Kellesborne.

See what I mean...more deadlines looming. LOL! But I love it!

Hope everyone's having a great April so far!


Friday, April 06, 2007

Dogs talking

This is just too, TOO funny! LOL!


Saturday, February 03, 2007

New book video

Okay, so I tried my hand at my first book video (trailer) yesterday. Here's what I came up with. Let me know what you think! :)


Friday, February 02, 2007

What kind sports car are you? :)

Got this quiz from my friend Adrianna Dane and had to share. I'm a Corvette...what are you? :)

I'm a Chevrolet Corvette!

You're a classic - powerful, athletic, and competitive. You're all about winning the race and getting the job done. While you have a practical everyday side, you get wild when anyone pushes your pedal. You hate to lose, but you hardly ever do.

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sometimes it's really sad when a book is finished!! :)

I'm so psyched! My newest M/M story has been released from Amber Heat! Falling is now on sale. This one's a full-length novel...and it was so much fun to write. It's one of my all time fave books I've ever written. It totally fell in love with Alec and Christian and I was in such a state of depression for several days after I finished writing it because it just wasn't ready to let them go yet!! I'm sure other authors must have that experience sometimes, too...that feeling of being kind of lost when you finish a story, especially one that you've really gotten into, with characters you love. I've had it happen a couple of times before, but this was one of the worst. I moped around for several days. I was trying to explain it to my hubby. It's kind of like having your best friend move away, except worse. And it's not exactly like grieving when someone you love dies. I finally likened it to that horrible, empty grief that happens after a romantic break-up. Weird, huh? But that's what it's like for me! After a couple of days I decided if I still love the characters that much, I should just write a sequel. So I'm going to! LOL! I feel like I still have plenty of rich material between these two hunks emotionally...and there's certainly plenty of territory I could still explore in the magic world I created! In fact, the sequel's going to be titled Magic! :)

When, you ask, is this sequel going to get written? A very good question. Hehehe! I'm finishing up a M/M story called True of Heart for the March m/m AmberPax, and then I have another book I'd like to finish first. But probably in March I'll start writing Magic!

In the meantime, here's a teaser for Falling...

As the leader of an elite British group that hunts criminals of the magic world, Christian Wetherly comes to the U. S. undercover, posing as a British cop, to investigate a series of murders he suspects have been committed by a dark mage. He never expects, however, to find himself intensely attracted to the American police detective in charge of the case. Christian has long struggled with his hidden desires and hasn’t admitted them to anyone. But Alec Anderson stirs something deep within him that’s difficult to ignore.

Still...even if he could master his fear of coming out, Christian’s dedicated himself to protecting the world from magic terrors. It’s a dangerous life an ordinary human could never understand or accept. And to complicate matters, Alec’s emotionally vulnerable, still grieving the death of his previous lover, a fellow cop killed in the line of duty. So Christian’s determined to keep his true occupation and powers hidden from Alec.

Neither man can deny the powerful chemistry that burns between them, and both realize they’re falling hard for one another, yet with so many secrets and complications, a relationship seems impossible.

When the two men becomes the target of the dark magic, however, and clues about an ancient legacy come to light that indicate Alec may not be exactly what he seems, can they find the strength to tear down all the barriers between them and risk their hearts in order to save each other’s lives?

For an excerpt and/or to buy a copy, click here!

Happy reading!

ML :)

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