Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Souls Deep on Fictionwise bestseller list!!

My M/M vampire erotic romance Souls Deep... on the Fictionwise erotica bestseller list!!

It's also currently listed as one of their highest rated erotica stories!
And is also an Amber Heat #1 Bestseller!

Yeah, I'm pretty psyched!! Here's the blurb and some review quotes I've recently received...

As a child, Griffin Hilliard's special abilities were attributed to an
overactive imagination. But by adulthood, his psychic talents were so
strong he'd become a threat to his politically powerful family. To protect
their dirty little secrets, they arranged an "accident" for him. He
survived, but now he lives on the run, only one step ahead of his family's
hired assassins. Until one night, when he's finally caught...

His life is saved by a mysterious man named Jarrah. Griffin senses a
dangerous, primal undercurrent in the stranger-as if he's not quite human.
Yet Griffin's inexplicably drawn to him. It could be the emotional pain he
suspects his rescuer hides. But Griffin fears the real reason is more
disturbing-Jarrah stirs a powerful longing in him that goes against
everything Griffin's ever believed about himself. As the assassins close in
once again, and his rescuer reveals himself for what he really is, Griffin's
torn between running, as he's done his whole life, or standing up to face
his past and his own soul-deep desires.

What the reviewers are saying...

4 1/2 Kisses!! "As always, M. L. Rhodes delivers sizzling sensuality
wrapped in realistic, terrifyingly possible speculative fiction. Griffin and
Jarrah are both characters whom the reader will find readily empathetic, and
the plot revolving around Griffin's psychic capabilities and his family's
need to destroy him is stimulating and fast-paced. In Souls Deep Ms. Rhodes
pens m/m sensuality in just as searing a manner as she does m/f intimacy,
and is a writer not to miss out on." ---Frost, Two Lips Reviews

4 Hearts!! "This is a passionate romance that goes beyond the physical as
the two heroes learn to trust and accept. The steamy sex is described in
explicitly graphic and creative details for the reader's enjoyment. Souls
Deep is a highly erotic, passionately sexy romance with a creative storyline
and exciting action." ---Anita, The Romance Studio

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