Monday, October 09, 2006

And yet another new release!!

Yes, I've been a busy, busy writer girl. A writer girl writing about sexy men. Hot, incredible, drool-worthy men who like to be with other men. :) Can you tell I'm totally in love with man love? LOL!

So, I hereby announce that my second M/M erotic romance is now officially for sale!! Souls Deep was released yesterday, October 8th. Pick up a copy! And while you're at it, pick a copy of The Professor's Secret Passion while you're at it (if you haven't already)! The Professor was the #1 bestseller at Amber Quill/Amber Heat in September! (Guess I'm not the only one who's in love with man love ;))

Here's what Souls Deep is all about...

As a child, Griffin Hilliard’s special abilities were attributed to an overactive imagination. But by adulthood, his psychic talents were so strong he’d become a threat to his politically powerful family. To protect their dirty little secrets, they arranged an “accident” for him. He survived, but now he lives on the run, only one step ahead of his family’s hired assassins. Until one night, when he’s finally caught...

His life is saved by a mysterious man named Jarrah. Griffin senses a dangerous, primal undercurrent in the stranger—as if he’s not quite human. Yet Griffin’s inexplicably drawn to him. It could be the emotional pain he suspects his rescuer hides. But Griffin fears the real reason is more disturbing—Jarrah stirs a powerful longing in him that goes against everything Griffin’s ever believed about himself. As the assassins close in once again, and his rescuer reveals himself for what he really is, Griffin’s torn between running, as he’s done his whole life, or standing up to face his past and his own soul-deep desires.

Release date: October 8, 2006
Heat Level: 3 (Amber Quill's hottest level of sensuality)
Length: Extended Novella (39K words)

For an excerpt, click here. To buy a copy, click here!

Have a great week! I know I will!

ML :)