Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Release!!

I'm so psyched! My first gay (M/M) erotic romance came out this weekend from Amber Heat. Yay!! The Professor's Secret Passion is ready for purchase in ebook formats and, and even better deal, it's on sale! All erotic romance novels and novellas are on sale at Amber Heat through the month of September!

Here's the info...

Professor Aidan Sheridan has secretly fantasized about his grad student, Nathan Turner, for two long years. And now Nathan is hinting he’d like to move beyond their professional association to something on a deeper, more intimate level. Although Aidan longs to claim the sexy, younger man as a lover, he doesn’t dare admit that he, too, burns for more. Not if he intends to protect Nate from a bitter event in his own past that still haunts him.

When Nate suspects Aidan is hiding his real feelings, he takes matters into his own hands. The long-pent-up passion between them explodes into a night of erotic and emotional intensity neither man can forget. But in the light of day, will Nate’s love be enough to heal Aidan, or will the professor’s fears tear them apart?

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I hope my readers will enjoy this sexy man love story! I'm always happy to hear from readers, so drop me a note and let me know what you think!

Happy reading and happy September!



Stacy~ said...

Okay, I don't know what the attraction is, but I'm a hetero female and I'm totally drawn into the m/m stories - they're pretty hot. Maybe it works the same way f/f works for guys - I wouldn't want to see my guy w/ another woman. I don't think I want to see him with a man either, but definitely not another woman LOL.

Keep up the good work - I'm seriously thinking about getting this one....

M.L. Rhodes said...

Hi Stacy!

I know what you mean...sometimes it's hard to figure out why m/m stories are so appealing to hetero women. But, dang! I love 'em too! And I'm with you...I don't want to see my man with another man or woman. LOL!

If you get The Professor, I hope you enjoy it!


Celia Kyle said...

I know I emailed you already and told you how amazing The Professor is, but I just need to say it again...It's amazing!

Celia (aka Caye) ;)

M.L. Rhodes said...

Thanks, Celia!! And I want you to know how much I appreciate you writing me and telling me what you thought! :) I'm thrilled you enjoyed The Professor! And, might I add, I think you're quite an awesome gal for all the promotion you've been doing for the M/M genre in general!