Monday, August 21, 2006

Johnny Depp look alike

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At my local Whole Foods market there's a supremely hunky young guy (when I say young I mean probably in his early to mid-twenties) who works one of the cash registers. And I swear he looks like he could be Johnny Depp's younger brother. Truly! This guy is a major hottie. And personality plus. He's got a gorgeous smile with kind of a devish glint in his eyes.

Does this blog post have anything to do with anything? No. Not really. LOL! I just wanted to share. Wish I could post a picture of him. Do you think he'd let me snap his photo next time he's ringing up my organic milk and veggies? He's the type he probably would! Hehehe! Not sure my hubby would love that, though. He rolls his eyes every time we're there and we get this hunk at the register, as if to say, "Oh, no, here we go again with the Johnny Depp dude." And I just waggle my eyebrows at him (hubby).

I told the guy he looks like Johnny Deep except even better looking. (Nah, I'm not shy...and he probably thought I was a forward "older" woman, which, you could tell, he totally loved.) He said, "I've heard that a few times." Did he blush? Nope. Just grinned that cocky grin that said, "Yeah, I'm hot and I really can't help it."

I might have to model a hero in one of my books after him. Yeah... I can already picture a steaming fantasy with this guy as the star. Yes, indeedy! It's times like this I'm downright gleeful I'm a writer!


Tempest Knight said...

Well, you could snap that pic. Tell him you write novels, and he looks exactly like your hero and you'll be very grateful if he allow you to take a pic of him to have it by your computer for when you're writing the story. *coughs* It's all very professional, you know. ;)

M.L. Rhodes said...

Yes...hmm...yes...use the professional writer excuse with him. Just might work! I like the way you think, Tempest! ;)


Eliz said...

Hi, write the address of this market PLEASE! :D