Saturday, June 17, 2006

Like your sci-fi hot?

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I just finished reading yet another excellent sci-fi erotica by my fellow AQP cohort Adrianna Dane. When I read Eluria's Enforcer last year I was blown away at what a fabulous job Adri did on worldbuilding. I mean, she doesn't just toss sort of contemporary Earth characters into another world and supply a bit of techy wording here and there. She really builds a world, complete with customs, laws, characters who aren't necessarily Earth-type humans. And the sex! Holy moly, she writes hot, creative sci-fi sex.

Well, the sequel to Eluria is about to be released from Amber Quill next weekend and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at it. It's called Kierra's Thread and picks up the world and characters where we left them at the end of Eluria's Enforcer. Kierra's Thread focuses on Devon's (the hero from Eluria) sister, Kierra. The hero, Jarek, and the heroine, Kierra, have already known each other for years when the story opens, but the gut-wrenching emotional baggage they each bring into their relationship is so well-drawn I was immediately sucked into their lives. I admit, I cried at the end--because I was so happy they were able to overcome all the obstacles that had been thrown in their path and consummate their love. I recommend this story to anyone who loves sci-fi erotica! Watch for it next weekend, June 25th! Be sure you get a copy of Eluria's Enforcer as well so you can really gorge yourself in Adrianna's sci-fi world.

And dare I hope a book about Alekos (Devon and Kierra's brother) might be coming in the future?


Adrianna Dane (Tess Maynard) said...

Gosh, I was running around doing a google search and came across your block entry, ML. Thanks so much, I'm so glad you liked Kierra's Thread. And, yes, ma'am, I'm currently writing Alekos' story. Congratulations with your own hot bestsellers at Fictionwise. And why am I not surprised? You write the best're sure enough on my fav list...yum-yum...

M.L. Rhodes said...

Thanks, Adri! I believe you've already figured out the admiration is mutal. :) I'm SO glad you're writing Alekos' story! Can't wait to read it!