Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kids play? I have to wonder!

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My boys have this game they like to play with my husband and me...they're always challenging us to name 10 Pokemon. For those of you who don't know, Pokemon are critters that were created by Nintendo ten years ago or so for video gaming, but now you can find everything from Pokemon trading cards, to stuffed animals, to board games, to clothing. So off we go, hubby and I, rattling off such names as Pikachu, Charizard, Mew, Jiggly Puff, and Squirtle...and then, much to our kids' dismay, we stall out because that's about the end of our repertoire.

"We ask you this question all the time. There are dozens of Pokemon. Why can't you remember what we tell you?" the boys want to know. Well...um...because you might as well be speaking Klingon?

Then they get really annoyed because my husband will start making up names: Peekadoodoo, Ickybock, Stinkybreath. But what really makes them insane is the fact that he never calls their favorite critters Pokemon, he calls them Pokeman. (Yes, yes, I'll leave your smutty minds to work on that one )

What, you might ask, aside from the obvious Pokeman reference above, does this have to do with erotic romance? Well...think about it. Squirtle? Jiggly Puff? Mew (as in a pussy...er...cat)? And these aren't my hub's made up names, these are the actual characters. For real. Holy moly! I decided I wanted to know if there were more like this. So, naturally, I did what every self-respecting knowledge- seeker does these days...I Googled Pokemon to see what I could find. Here are some more Pokemon names, and I swear these are for real! I'm not making them up. My comments, of course, are in parenthesis.

--Slowking ("Ooooh, baby, he's a real slowking...takes his time and fulfills all his woman's needs." )
--Chickorita (Oooeee, did you see that hot chickorita I picked up last night?)
--Bulbasaur (Good gods, that's the biggest bulbasaur I've ever seen!)
-- Celebi (She wouldn't do it with me, man. She's celebi.)
-- Cubone (Short for cute bone? As in, he has a sweet, wee cubone...)
--Lickitung (Does this really need further explanation? )
--Piloswine (He's hot in the sack, but I refuse to sleep with him afterward...he's a real pillow swine... Or, He's not as hot in the sack as he thinks...I always feel like I'm suffocating beneath a pile-o-swine.)
-- Rapidash (He made a rapidash for the finish line before I could even climax)

Okay, clearly I write erotica for a living because I can't help but shovel my mind out of the gutter when I hear this stuff. LOL! But if you want a real thrill, check out the pics of some of these Pokedudes sometime. Lickitung looks like...well, let's just say I've seen similar items in adult catalogs.

Here's something fun to do. I discovered a place where you can find "your Pokemon name." Woo hoo! Here's mine:

Your Pokemon name is: Eelock
Profile: You live in the grasslands of Prince Edward Island, and your diet consists mostly of TV dinners, donuts and lattes. (Hmm...not far off )
Characteristics (Combat and Non-combat): You have propellers. You have a fear of jet fuel. You can breathe fire. You have a fear of bricks. You can spit nunchucks. You can swim in air.
Natural Enemies: Your natural enemy is Nidoyu.

So here's the link. http://pizza.sandwich.net/poke/pokemon.html Tell me...what's your Pokemon name? :)

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Meljprincess said...

Name - Voltwhirl
Profile - You live in the prairies of Australia, and your diet consists mostly of rocks, TV dinners and latt├ęs.
Characteristics - You can eat jet fuel. You can puke lava. You have a fear of acid. You can drink Dr. Pepper. You can breathe hot death. You have a fear of slime.
Natural Enemy is Chuchu

Hmmm...very interesting. lol!

M.L. Rhodes said...

Your natural enemy is Chuchu... Hmm... Now see, my smutty brain has kicked in once again and all I can think of is Stephanie Plum in Janet Evanovich's series and Joe the cop playing "choo choo" when they were young. Hehehe!

Tam said...

Name - Vulrina

Profile - You live in the hills of Prince Edward Island, and your diet consists mostly of daisies, fruits and nectar.

Characteristics - You have goassamer wings. You can puke fire. You have a covered wicker basket. You can shoot evil glances. You can walk on Mr. PiBB. You can puke poison. You can walk on air. You can resist acid. You can walk on maple syrup.

Natural Enemies - Your natural enemy is Pikamon.

OK, This is all news to me.