Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fictionwise woo-hoos!

I was just looking at the erotica at Fictionwise and discovered I currently have 3 books in the top 25 bestsellers there! Take It On Faith is at #6, After Hours is at #19, and Night Shadows is at #21. How cool is that?! Especially about After Hours because that's been out at Fictionwise for almost two years! It's always fun to see an older title still selling well.

Night Shadows is also the #2 highest rated erotica at Fictionwise!

Thanks to all the readers who're shopping for M.L. Rhodes at Fictionwise. :)


Isabella Jordan said...

From one of your readers, thank you. I'm not one bit surprised. Write more like Take it On Faith. =)

M.L. Rhodes said...

Thanks, Isy!! You know, I had Take It On Faith in the works for years. Literally. I had started it maybe four or five years ago, then put it aside. When I came back to it this winter, it just seemed to write itself. That's always fun. LOL! I wish all books were that easy to write. ;)