Tuesday, June 13, 2006

And the winner is...

A huge congrats to Cheryl (she knows who she is because I've already emailed her!), who was the winner of my blog drawing! The Once More With Feeling CD will be winging its way to her this very week, and she's also received a copy of my vampire erotic romance, Night Shadows. Way to go, Cheryl!!

And now, for the poll results. Which Buffy vamp hottie is the hottest of all? Wow, the guys were neck and neck for a good long while...first one would pull ahead, then the other. But toward the end there was a bit of a rush for one in particular. So without further ado....

Angel received 60% of the votes
Spike received 40% of the votes

And no, I didn't round up or down in order to get these numbers. That's really how the votes came out!

Thanks to everyone who voted and who wrote me such fabulous emails about their fave Buffy vamps, their fave episodes, to one gal who did a write-in vote for Giles as her fave overall Buffy hottie :) and to one reader in particular for her most excellent tips on where I can get a Spike calendar AND a Spike pillowcase! LOL! Yes, I confess (some of you probably knew this already if you've ever read my 100 Quirky Tidbits About ML page on my website) but Spike is definitely my choice. Don't get me wrong...in the first three seasons of Buffy I was totally in love with Angel. But in seasons 5 and 6, Spike completely won me over and it's been bleach blond hair and blue eyes for me ever since.

Happy reading...and happy Buffy watching to you all!

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Meljprincess said...

Congrats Cheryl!

I still think Spike is the hottest. *g*