Sunday, June 25, 2006

To Hell with Hail! And other ramblings...

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I wish the !$%&* hail would quit falling at my house!

I spent the afternoon with my family at our fave pastime...a baseball game. It was a gorgeous afternoon weatherwise where we were...partly cloudy, not too hot, nice breeze. Perfect baseball weather (Our team thought so to, 'cause they won! Woo hoo!). When we got home, however, we discovered that a thunderstorm had moved through and not only dumped a good rain on us, which we desperately need, it had hailed yet again. This is our third major hailstorm this month! The first one, about three weeks ago, completely thrashed my garden. My squash, corn, and lettuce all looked like it had been through a paper shredder. Then, just as everything was starting to perk back up and look better, another storm hit earlier this week. Luckily it didn't hail long that time. Then today. It didn't look like it was big hailstones today--mostly pea-sized. But holy moly there was a lot of it. Big piles of it, like snowdrifts.

You know, I'm all on board with the whole cycles of nature thing. Everything serves its purpose. But I could do with the moisture coming in liquid form instead of ice cubes that beat the crap out of my flowers and veggies I so painstakingly spend hours caring for. Grumble, grumble.

On the writing front...oh, wait, there is no writing front at the moment. But it's not because I'm procrastinating. Really! I'm kinda stuck on a certain issue in my current story, so I'm percolating about it. And once a brilliant solution comes to me, I'll race forward once again. For now...not so much. Instead I've been doing some promo work, some editing, reading my critique partner's latest story she's writing, which is oooooh so excellent! (Marin Thomas, who writes for Harlequin American, is my cp. Be sure to check out her McKade Brothers series, which starts in August! Lucky me, I'm reading the third book in the series right very own sneak peek.)

And, of course, I've been going to baseball games. With one of my kids playing summer ball we have one practice and two games a week for him, then we try to squeeze in as many AAA and major league games as we can. Did I mention that this past week we went to an afternoon matinee game and my boys got to be the "junior announcers?" It was so cool! They got to announce over the loudspeaker who was coming up to bat. Talk about hamming it up. I think they have careers in show biz in their futures.

On another tangent...speaking of show biz, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were married today. I'm not usually the type to follow celebrity couples--usually because they come and go so quickly, who can keep up? But for some reason I have been following the Nicole/Keith wedding thing. I think they make a great couple, and do they look good together or what? She's beautiful, and he's a damned fine-looking man. Hmm...I might have to write a hero who's blond and bearded. What do you think?

And on a final, sad note... One of my darling clown loaches died today after an extended illness. When you're heavy into the fish-keeping hobby, you accept the fact that you're going to lose fish on occasion. Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts to get healthy ones at the store, they just don't make it. Other times they get mystery ailments and die overnight. I own a lot of fish, but of all my fish, my loaches have become the dearest to me. They have such funny personalities, and each individual loach has its own quirks. So I took the loss of my poor loachy, whose name was Francis, hard because I'd worked so hard to save him. He will be missed by his three loachy brothers and tankmates, Ronald, River, and Sebastian, by Angie the angel fish, and by me.

Signing off for today...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kids play? I have to wonder!

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My boys have this game they like to play with my husband and me...they're always challenging us to name 10 Pokemon. For those of you who don't know, Pokemon are critters that were created by Nintendo ten years ago or so for video gaming, but now you can find everything from Pokemon trading cards, to stuffed animals, to board games, to clothing. So off we go, hubby and I, rattling off such names as Pikachu, Charizard, Mew, Jiggly Puff, and Squirtle...and then, much to our kids' dismay, we stall out because that's about the end of our repertoire.

"We ask you this question all the time. There are dozens of Pokemon. Why can't you remember what we tell you?" the boys want to know. you might as well be speaking Klingon?

Then they get really annoyed because my husband will start making up names: Peekadoodoo, Ickybock, Stinkybreath. But what really makes them insane is the fact that he never calls their favorite critters Pokemon, he calls them Pokeman. (Yes, yes, I'll leave your smutty minds to work on that one )

What, you might ask, aside from the obvious Pokeman reference above, does this have to do with erotic romance? Well...think about it. Squirtle? Jiggly Puff? Mew (as in a And these aren't my hub's made up names, these are the actual characters. For real. Holy moly! I decided I wanted to know if there were more like this. So, naturally, I did what every self-respecting knowledge- seeker does these days...I Googled Pokemon to see what I could find. Here are some more Pokemon names, and I swear these are for real! I'm not making them up. My comments, of course, are in parenthesis.

--Slowking ("Ooooh, baby, he's a real slowking...takes his time and fulfills all his woman's needs." )
--Chickorita (Oooeee, did you see that hot chickorita I picked up last night?)
--Bulbasaur (Good gods, that's the biggest bulbasaur I've ever seen!)
-- Celebi (She wouldn't do it with me, man. She's celebi.)
-- Cubone (Short for cute bone? As in, he has a sweet, wee cubone...)
--Lickitung (Does this really need further explanation? )
--Piloswine (He's hot in the sack, but I refuse to sleep with him afterward...he's a real pillow swine... Or, He's not as hot in the sack as he thinks...I always feel like I'm suffocating beneath a pile-o-swine.)
-- Rapidash (He made a rapidash for the finish line before I could even climax)

Okay, clearly I write erotica for a living because I can't help but shovel my mind out of the gutter when I hear this stuff. LOL! But if you want a real thrill, check out the pics of some of these Pokedudes sometime. Lickitung looks like...well, let's just say I've seen similar items in adult catalogs.

Here's something fun to do. I discovered a place where you can find "your Pokemon name." Woo hoo! Here's mine:

Your Pokemon name is: Eelock
Profile: You live in the grasslands of Prince Edward Island, and your diet consists mostly of TV dinners, donuts and lattes. (Hmm...not far off )
Characteristics (Combat and Non-combat): You have propellers. You have a fear of jet fuel. You can breathe fire. You have a fear of bricks. You can spit nunchucks. You can swim in air.
Natural Enemies: Your natural enemy is Nidoyu.

So here's the link. Tell me...what's your Pokemon name? :)

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fictionwise woo-hoos!

I was just looking at the erotica at Fictionwise and discovered I currently have 3 books in the top 25 bestsellers there! Take It On Faith is at #6, After Hours is at #19, and Night Shadows is at #21. How cool is that?! Especially about After Hours because that's been out at Fictionwise for almost two years! It's always fun to see an older title still selling well.

Night Shadows is also the #2 highest rated erotica at Fictionwise!

Thanks to all the readers who're shopping for M.L. Rhodes at Fictionwise. :)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Like your sci-fi hot?

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I just finished reading yet another excellent sci-fi erotica by my fellow AQP cohort Adrianna Dane. When I read Eluria's Enforcer last year I was blown away at what a fabulous job Adri did on worldbuilding. I mean, she doesn't just toss sort of contemporary Earth characters into another world and supply a bit of techy wording here and there. She really builds a world, complete with customs, laws, characters who aren't necessarily Earth-type humans. And the sex! Holy moly, she writes hot, creative sci-fi sex.

Well, the sequel to Eluria is about to be released from Amber Quill next weekend and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at it. It's called Kierra's Thread and picks up the world and characters where we left them at the end of Eluria's Enforcer. Kierra's Thread focuses on Devon's (the hero from Eluria) sister, Kierra. The hero, Jarek, and the heroine, Kierra, have already known each other for years when the story opens, but the gut-wrenching emotional baggage they each bring into their relationship is so well-drawn I was immediately sucked into their lives. I admit, I cried at the end--because I was so happy they were able to overcome all the obstacles that had been thrown in their path and consummate their love. I recommend this story to anyone who loves sci-fi erotica! Watch for it next weekend, June 25th! Be sure you get a copy of Eluria's Enforcer as well so you can really gorge yourself in Adrianna's sci-fi world.

And dare I hope a book about Alekos (Devon and Kierra's brother) might be coming in the future?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

And the winner is...

A huge congrats to Cheryl (she knows who she is because I've already emailed her!), who was the winner of my blog drawing! The Once More With Feeling CD will be winging its way to her this very week, and she's also received a copy of my vampire erotic romance, Night Shadows. Way to go, Cheryl!!

And now, for the poll results. Which Buffy vamp hottie is the hottest of all? Wow, the guys were neck and neck for a good long while...first one would pull ahead, then the other. But toward the end there was a bit of a rush for one in particular. So without further ado....

Angel received 60% of the votes
Spike received 40% of the votes

And no, I didn't round up or down in order to get these numbers. That's really how the votes came out!

Thanks to everyone who voted and who wrote me such fabulous emails about their fave Buffy vamps, their fave episodes, to one gal who did a write-in vote for Giles as her fave overall Buffy hottie :) and to one reader in particular for her most excellent tips on where I can get a Spike calendar AND a Spike pillowcase! LOL! Yes, I confess (some of you probably knew this already if you've ever read my 100 Quirky Tidbits About ML page on my website) but Spike is definitely my choice. Don't get me the first three seasons of Buffy I was totally in love with Angel. But in seasons 5 and 6, Spike completely won me over and it's been bleach blond hair and blue eyes for me ever since.

Happy reading...and happy Buffy watching to you all!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Dark Passions

Many of you know I'm a total Buffy the Vampire Slayer addict. I mean, who could resist? Aside from the fact it was just an exceptional show on all levels--characterization, dialogue, plot lines--there's also the juicy benefit of getting to ogle two sexy hunks...both of whom dance on the dark side. But, of course, the ever-lasting question amongst Buffy fans is...who's the fave hottie? Is it David Boreanaz playing the dark, brooding, long-suffering Angel, or James Marsters playing the sensitive poet-turned-bad-boy Spike?

I'll let you decide! Vote in my poll and we'll see what comes of it! Even if you've never watched Buffy, I've posted pics of the two hunks below, so feel free to drool and see which one strikes your fancy!

Once you've made your choice, send me an email at and let me know which vamp is THE ONE for you! At midnight on Sunday June 11, I'll randomly draw a winner from all who've emailed me, and I'll give away a CD of the soundtrack from the "Once More With Feeling" Buffy episode! That was the musical episode in season 6 when all the characters sang. It's a great CD! I have it and listen to it all the time. I'll also throw in an ebook copy of my most recent erotic vampire story, Night Shadows.

So send me an email with the word "Blog drawing" in the subject line and the name of your fave Buffy vamp hottie! I'll contact the winner by email on the 12th, and will post the poll results here on my blog! Have fun!