Tuesday, February 14, 2006

New look/New book

What do you guys think of my new website look? :) I was starting to get tired of the black...I liked it, but it was time for a change. I had fun playing around with colors and graphics, and this is what I finally ended up with. There are times I wish I had someone do my site for me--it takes a TON of time to revamp it completely. But in all honesty, I'm sort of a control freak, as in I like to be responsible for my own stuff like this because then I can change it whenever the mood strikes. I'd probably drive a web designer insane if they had me as a client. LOL!

Anyway, the new look coincides with my new book release. Yep, NIGHT SHADOWS is now available! So get thee over to my publisher, Amber Quill Press, and get yourself a copy! I'll be giving a pop quiz and I expect you to have all the answers! ;) Okay, no quiz. Hmm...it would kinda have to be like a sex education quiz and I know you all already know ALL about that!

I've been writing on my March release, TAKE IT ON FAITH. I'm cruising along on it. After I was about three chapters into it, I decided to cut the entire first chapter and start the story at chapter 2. That meant I lost almost 10,000 words. (gulp) But not to worry, I've been madly typing and I've made up for it! I swear the hero in this one is hot, hot, hot. I know, I know...I say that about every hero. And I do. You're not wrong. That's a good thing, though! Think about how sad it would be if I didn't like a hero!!

All right, enough babbling. I'm back to my writing...I'm in the middle of a sex scene and I'm kinda anxious to get back to it. :)

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