Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A typical writer's day...

Okay...typical for me. Probably not for anyone else. I never quite seem to do anything in sync with the rest of the world. I tend to march to the beat of my own...well, you know the cliche. :)

--Wake up. Roll over in bed. Grumble and groan that my bed is warm and I'm not going anywhere. Roll back over and go back to sleep.
-- Wake up. Look at watch (never my bedside clock...always my watch). Go back to sleep.
--Third time's usually the charm and even though I really want to roll back over and go back to sleep, I drag myself from the bed.
--Puppy (in kennel next to bed) whines. Needs to do her morning puppy business.
--Free little dog. Stagger downstairs with eyes still mostly shut and clutching squirmy, whiny, licky puppy against chest.
--Jab feet into whatever shoes happen to be sitting in front hall. Clip on puppy leash. Lurch outside with little dog dragging me and try not to fall down front porch steps.
--Yawn and shiver as puppy pees, comes to me for treat, pees again, comes to me for treat, pees, comes to me for treat (third time's a charm for the pupster, too), then finally goes poopy.
--Stagger back instead. Unleash pupster, who runs through house like a bat out of hell, making sure all other house residents (human and furry) know she's up and awake.
--Turn on fish tank lights (55 gallon tank in foyer, 20 gallon tank in living room) and feed fish.
--Enter kitchen. Fix Frosted Mini Wheats and pour glass of orange juice. Kids fend for themselves at breakfast. We homeschool so they can do it at their leisure.
--Take breakfast downstairs to my office. Turn on 10 gallon fish tank light and feed fish in office. --Eat breakfast and check email. Answer urgent emails, ignore the rest until later in the day. Catch up on any open edits or "day job" business I didn't finish the night before. Check Desktop Weather.
--More awake now. Shower and get dressed. Take little dog out for another pee-pee and let the big dog out, too.
--Back to desk. Check Desktop Weather. Open first Mt. Dew of the day. More email.
--Get children started on school work. Continue to do my own work as they do theirs.
--Take little dog out to pee-pee. No poopies, even though she's due again.
--Back to desk. Check email and weather. Read with children, or answer questions and help with schoolwork.
--Pick up little dog poopies in living room. Remind her poopies go "outside!" Take little dog outside. Contemplate next story scene I want to write while pupster plays in snow or chases leaves.
--Back to desk. Check email and weather. Open Mt. Dew #2. More day job work. Kids go off to play. Hubby arrives home.
--Fix and eat dinner. Watch TV for a few minutes. Feed dogs and cats. Family time.
--Take kids to ice skating lessons. Take along Alphasmart so I can sneak in some writing while they skate.
--Home again. Writing time at last! Turn on iTunes player. Blast music. Check email. Respond to email. Stall. Dawdle. Play a game of Zuma. Check email again. Surf the web. Do my daily Mugglenet.com check-in. See if there's anything else at Amazon I absolutely must buy. Play another game of Zuma.
--Bedtime for children.
--Feed all fish again.
--Spend some quality time with hubby.
--Hubby goes to bed. I go back to my writing. This time I actually open Word and find my book file. Reread all the old writing from beginning of story and edit/polish it for the thirtieth time. Go upstairs. Make pot of tea. Back to desk. Reread/polish some more. Check email. Dawdle a bit.
--Bathroom break. Take puppy outside. Freeze butt off in the dark and cold. Pour another cup of tea.
--Finally settle in to do some real writing.
--Time check. Not bad. Only 2 A.M. Back to writing.
--Can't keep eyes open anymore. Save writing. Email check. One more Mugglenet.com check. Desktop Weather check. Take little dog outside.
--Put puppy in her bed. Crawl into my bed.
--Think of a whole section of dialogue I want to add to my book. Know I won't remember it in the morning if I don't write it down now.
--Get out of bed, cursing, go downstairs to office, pull up book file, write dialogue.
--Back to bed.
--Think of more dialogue. Curse even more heartily about why this stuff can't come to me during regular writing time, and get pissy because it always happens to me *after* I've gone to bed. Stagger back downstairs to office, open book file, and write dialogue.
--Back to bed. Try to shut off brain. More words come to me...but I'm so tired...but must write them down or I'll....forget...them...zzzzzz.

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