Sunday, December 11, 2005

Vampire hunk-o-rama gorgeous!

I finished my vampire story, Night Shadows! Yay!!!!!! And, yes, it's really a novella. Told you! Man, that story was the most fun I've had writing in ages. Not that I don't always love writing, but this was one one of my all time faves to write.

Have you guys seen my cover art?!?! O.M.G. I about died when I saw it. As usual AQP's cover artist, Trace Zaber, outdid himself. Isn't my vampire River gorgeous? Holy crap.

Yes, I'm in love. Good thing this is the first in a series. That means I get to spend more time with River in book two, Jonesing. :) Night Shadows will be released from Amber Quill Press in February 2006. I can't wait! I hope my readers will be pleased with this one.