Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Long time no write

And I mean that in two ways...long time since I've written in my blog (told you all I was bad at journaling!) and a long time since I've written new stories. But I'm happy to say that after taking a few months off to get some R&R, fill the creative well, and spend some time with my family, I'm happy to be back to work! I just updated my website, which was fun. Some new graphics and a slightly revamped and, I think, fresher look. Hope you all like it! I also added some new reviews I recently received on my contemporary romance MASKS. I was interviewed by Simone Grant at The Romance Studio in May, so the link to that interview is now posted, and I added some new useless tidbits about myself to the "Inside Scoop" page. I get quite a bit of reader mail about those useless tidbits, so I figured it was time to list a few more. Not sure if you'd call them riveting reading, but as I said, some readers seem to really like them. LOL!


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