Sunday, August 21, 2005

Funny or feeble? When blogs get a little too personal...

Seems like everyone's blogging now--it's the thing to do. That's cool. I started my blog, even though it's hardly a raging river of frequentness, because it seemed the thing to do. And it's fun to cruise around the web and read the blogs of people I know, and some I don't know. You never can tell what interesting tidbits you might pick up, what gossip or rantings and ragings you might read, or where you might find a good laugh. But I have to admit that I've read a few blogs lately that have been a total turn off. I mean, reading about someone's bodily functions in great detail, or explicit descriptions of their intimate hygiene habits just doesn't do it for me. I get enough of my kids laughing hysterically over scatological jokes. I really don't need the adult versions of that in my life.

I didn't find these blogs on sex sites or teenagers-with-an-attitude sites. Nope. These appeared to be average adults with families, jobs, lives. So what's with the gross-out posts? Do they think their "I'm going to use every crude word I can think of for shock value, and fuck anyone who doesn't like it" attitude is cool? Or do they post it because they honestly believe people reading their blogs will somehow find this stuff fascinating or otherwise entertaining?

Hey, I'm no prude. I write erotic romance for crying out loud. I've been around a block or two, so there's very little that shocks me. And I sure as hell don't believe in censorship. So if someone wants to flaunt their icky personal details, well it's certainly their right and prerogative to do it. And to be completely honest, I've read some damned funny things about bodily functions. The blogs I'm referring to, however, didn't come across as being even remotely funny. They read more like badly written medical diaries. Or, in one case, a crass whine-a-thon. I don't know, maybe the posters thought they were funny, but...uh...sorry, folks.

It takes a certain talent to pull off funny when it comes to issues like these. Some people can do it, others can't. Those who can't should quit trying to pretend they can before they completely humiliate themselves. Oops, that's right, too late. Some of them already have. Well, hey, as I said, to each his own. If you want a gazillion people on the internet to visualize you in vivid, gory detail taking care of your business, that's certainly your right. Just as it's my right to say, I hope you realize the vivid picture you've given your readers of yourself doing things WE DID NOT EVER, EVER NEED TO KNOW ABOUT will forever skew our opinions of you. In a word...BLEAAAGH!!!

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