Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Great movies and TV!

See, I told you all I was terrible at keeping an up-to-date journal. Thus the time between my blog entries. But, hey, better to post sometimes than not at all!!

So, have to talk about the great movies I've seen recently. Definitely go see Phantom of the Opera with Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum. It's fabulous. I'm a Phantom fan from way back and after hearing the great Michael Crawford sing the Phantom I admit, I was leery about how the movie might be. I was pleasantly surprised! Everything from the cinematography, to the sets, to the costumes, to the music, to the acting was excellent. It was a beautiful piece brought to life on film. It's definitely one to see on the big screen, so don't wait until it comes out on DVD (although I can assure you it's one you'll want to buy!). And don't think this is a chick flick, even though I've seen some reviewers mention that. My husband loved it. He said, "It's one of the all time best movies I've ever seen." So take that, all you macho guys! LOL!

On DVD, my number one recommendation is Spiderman 2. Hubby and I never made it to the theater to see this one. Everyone we knew raved about it, and while we liked the first Spiderman, we couldn't figure out what could possibly be so wonderful about #2. I mean, an action superhero flick is an action superhero flick, right? Wrongo!! Spiderman 2 is, hands down, THE best superhero flick ever made. Because some of you may not have seen it I won't give details, but suffice it to say that it covers everything you could possibly want--action, real conflict for the hero, love, betrayal, and several surprises. I absolutely loved this movie. ML gives it two enthusiastic thumbs up. :)

Now, on to TV. Okay, I admit, I'm not really much of a TV watcher. Well, if you don't count The Weather Channel, that is. But I'm not big on series. When I do watch series, they're usually the fantasy/sci-fi type, like X-Files, Andromeda, Star Trek, WitchBlade, etc. I was never really a Buffy fan, though. I'd seen a handful of shows, and while they were fun, I never felt compelled to catch it every week. Enter TNT reruns at 6:00 a.m. weekday mornings. One word. Angel. Yes, Angel, as in Buffy's old flame who got his own show. I watched a few Angel reruns and was totally hooked. Hubby gave me the first two seasons on DVD for Xmas, and three days after Xmas I went out and bought seasons three and four also. Can you say "addicted?" I have spent hours and hours and hours watching all these episodes. I'm talking like 8-10 straight hours sometimes, until I'm red-eyed and almost delirious. Until I was dreaming about vampires and kick butt action scenes. Oh--my--God. I admit it. I'm a complete Angelholic (is that a word?). So...come February 15, when season 5 (the final season) is released on DVD, I'll be the one at the head of the line with the wild hair and wilder eyes, kicking, punching, and cross-bowing my way to get my DVDs!

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